The biggest question we get is what extras do I have to pay?

There are a few things you have to pay out of pocket:
•Transportation to the port , parking and any porter tips are extra.
•Any specialty restaurant surcharges (they could run from $20-40 per person)
(all regular dining is included)
•Any Excursions
•Casino money
•Souvenirs on and off ship
•And Gratuities. - on SeaPass charge account (see below)

Gratuity added to cabin.
This is a part of sailing we can't avoid. Passengers staying in any cabin up to and including a minisuite will be charged $14.50 per person, per day(suite passengers will be charged $15.50 per person, per day.) This will be automatically on their seapass account.
What travel documents do I need to sail?
You need a Valid Driver's license and either a current valid passport, passport card or Original Birth certificate with raised seal, no copies. More information is linked HERE
How do I get my documents, Luggage Tags and check in?
Once you get your reservation number you will receive the link to the site to get your checkin. At this page you will setup your onboard account and get your boarding pass and luggage tag printouts. Please have your Passport or I.D. in front of you for this process as well as the credit card you will use for onboard credit. This will be after final payment.
Where is the Port?
Here is the link to the port , directions and information are HERE
Where do I park, What is the cost of that?
Information is HERE
I'm driving in from a long distance or flying in, is there a hotel or transportation?
See the Hotel page HERE
What do I bring to wear?
Cruise casual - all daytime t-shirts, shorts, assorted T&D wear, at night for dinner button down shirt and slacks. Some people wear a tie or jacket. There is one formal night, and they take a lot of pictures so the ladies tend to dress up, and the guys have no choice to follow them in dressing a little nicer.
What time can I get on the ship?
As soon as customs clears the ship from the previous cruise, you can get on, usually around 11am-11:30 is the earliest. It's a great way to spend half the day before we even set sail to get familer with the ship!
Can I bring Liquor on board? What is allowed?
Effective July 1, 2016, for sailings July 15, 2016 and beyond, guests are prohibited from bringing any beverages -- including liquor, beer and non-alcoholic drinks such as water, soda and juices -- on board either as carry-on or checked luggage, with the exception of purified or distilled water in factory-sealed containers for use in conjunction with medical devices or for the reconstitution of infant formula; and fully sealed and/or corked wine bottles for personal consumption onboard that is subject to screening and a corkage fee (for guests 21 years of age or older). Open beverages of any kind must be consumed or discarded at the security check-point, on embarkation day and at any port of call.
How early do we get off the ship?
Depending on customs clearing the ship, you can carry off your luggage as early at 8:30 am, but if you prefer and are in no hurry, you may wait until 10am to depart.
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LEGAL: Sailing on this cruise is based on number of rooms booked. For any reason if the amount of bookings does not support the sailing costs, we have the right to cancel the cruise at any time with all money refunded in full. Cruise insurance is not refundable and additional if desired. Talent, while committed to this event can be substituted at any time. We are not responsible for any talent substitution for this cruise. Prices of the cruise include cabin, all included meals, taxes and port charges. Gratuities, parking or transportation to and from the port are extra. Like any cruise, you are responsible for any charges occurred on your set sail account and are bound by the rules and regulations of the cruise line in your booking agreement . Ahoy-Cruises, AMT (Tom & Dan) and any members are not responsible for any additional charges, changes in schedule, port changes and any ship board charges or activities. Only people booking through Ahoy-Cruises in the group will be allowed into any function of this cruise. Booking outside the group will not be tolerated; any guilty party will be ejected from such venue. All refunds if made are based on the refund schedule set forth in the cruise agreement with Norweigian Cruise Lines and are not the responsibility of Ahoy-Cruises or AMT (Tom & Dan). All event costs are billed through three (3) companies. 1.Ahoy-Cruises (under Debby Palmiotti) and 2. Norweigian Cruise Lines and your credit card will reflect the breakdown and 3. Anywhere Inc. (Our cruise affiliate). All participants must adhere to the rules and regulations of Norweigian Cruise Lines while on the cruise. Any ejection from the cruise is the sole responsibility of the individual. If there is a problem with your room or booking, please contact Ahoy Cruises at 407-733-2383. The AMT, A Mediocre Time, Tom&Dan and Ahoy-Cruises logos are the property of the respected company. No other use is permitted without written permission.